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Michele Krasnoo entered her first tournament at age ten and received her black belt at the age of thirteen. Since then, she has become one of the most popular competitors in tournament history, her size (5 feet) and high pitched kiai inspiring the nickname "Mouse". She is recognized by the National Black Belt League as a world champion, Winner of well over 300 first place trophies in major competitions, Michele "Mouse" Krasnoo reigns as one of the top tournament competitors of all time, and is also a rising Martial Arts action film star.

Style: Tang Soo Do

Height: 5'1"
Weight: 100
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green

  DEATHMATCH Starring Actor Horseplay Prod.
  KICKBOXER IV Starring Actor Kings Road Prod.
  HIGH KICKS Featured Crystal Amber Prod.
  FULL CONTACT Featured Concorde Prod.
  BLACK BELT Featured Concorde Prod.
  ONE DARK NIGHT Starring Actor UCLA Student Film
  PAROLED Starring Actor CSUN Student Film
TELEVISION: (partial list) 
  KICKS(pilot) Host ESPN2
  HOMESTEAD.COM Featured  
  THE 70's (miniseries) Featured NBC
  MOVIES FOR MEN Guest Appearance WTBS
  ER Stunt Dbl.(Kellie Martin) Constant C/Amblin Ent.
  THE SECRET LIVES OF MEN Guest Starring Witt - Thomas Prod.
  ACROSS THE BORDER Starring Actor Border Prod.
  WMAC MASTERS Starring Actor FOX
MAGAZINES: (partial list) 
  MA TRAINING - Aug. 1999 Cover Story Worldwide
  BLACK BELT - Dec. 1998 Lead Story Worldwide
  BLACK BELT - Aug. 1998 Lead Story Worldwide
  KIDS BLACK BELT 1998 (1st issue) Cover Story Worldwide
  SPORST ILLUSTRATED 3/17/97 A Face in the Crowd Worldwide
  BUDO MAGAZINE 1995 Cover Story Europe
  KARATE/KUNG FU ILLUS. 1998 Cover Story Worldwide
  SPORTS L.A. 1995 Cover Story Los Angeles
  1996 NBL WORLD CHAMPION (3 titles)
  1996 NASKA WORLD CHAMPION (2 titles)
  1995 NBL WORLD CHAMPION (2 titles)
  1994 NBL WORLD CHAMPION (1 title)
  ACTING: Brian Reise Acting Studios - present.
Creative Actors Workshop. 1989-1997 - Scott Arthur Allen
  MARTIAL ARTS: Started in 1982. Received black belt in 1987.
Won over 400 1st places.
  GYNASTICS: Erik Betts. 1992-1995
  EDUCATION: Brian Reise Acting Studios - present.
Creative Actors Workshop. 1989-1997 - Scott Arthur Allen

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