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Style: Tang Soo Do

Blackbelt Magazine's 1995 Man of the Year

In the early spring of 1984, the International Tang Soo Do Federation was founded by Kwan Jang Nim Chun Sik Kim. The Goal in the foundation was to maintain the high standards of authentic Tang Soo Do. Teaching the martial art in its original form gave much needed roots to many thousands of Tang Soo Do practitioners world wide. To achieve this goal, Kwan Jang Nim C.S. Kim has dedicated a lifetime of training to create a standardization of instruction. With unending dedication, time and patience, Kwan Jang Nim Chun Sik Kim has brought the peace and harmony of traditional Tang Soo Do into the lives of thousands of practitioners.

Kwan Jang Nim Chun Sik Kim came to the martial art of Tang Soo Do at the early age of ten. His excellent technique and deep spiritual determination allowed him the opportunity to achieve many prestigious honors including:

Over Eight Covers and features in National and International publications
Korean Team Captain of the 5th Asian Karate Tournament- Malaysia
1969 Korean Heavyweight Champion 1st World Karate Champion - Japan 1970
Head Instructor for U.S Servicemen at the Osan Military Base in South Korea.
1980 U.S Team Coach
1988 All American Hall of Fame at Madison Square Garden N.Y.
Former President of the International Tang Soo Do Federation.
1995 Black Belt Magazine Man of the Year Hall of Fame.
Author of "Authentic Tang Soo Do" 1998.

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