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Style: American Kenpo Karate

Blackbelt Magazine's 1979 Instructor of the Year

Blackbelt Magazine's 1976 Martial Artist of the Year

Senior Grandmaster Ed Parker, 10th degree black belt, a man that accomplished what ten men could barely dream of doing. A scholar, teacher, author, master practitioner, innovator, actor, student, father, promoter, and international leader. Mr. Parker revolutionized martial arts concepts and skills application to fit our modern needs. 

A countless number of movie stars, famous martial artists, and international celebrities have all benefited from their association with this famous 'Father of American Karate'. His intensity of philosophy, deliverance of knowledge, sincere humility, and true appreciation of his students saw him fulfill a very demanding schedule the world over. 

Mr. Parker was one of many firsts, a 'doer', a man of missionary conviction. He will never be forgotten for he lives in the hearts and minds of the thousands he touched throughout his productive life. 

Ed Parker's Kenpo Is Unique

KENPO is pure intelligence of thought and motion. Mr. Parker added concepts, theories, principles and innovations, not yet employed by other systems. This is what makes his KENPO system unique, practical, logical, realistic, and applicable. It has often been referred to as the "University of Martial Arts". It employs linear as well as circular moves, utilizing intermittent power when and where needed, interspersed with minor and major moves that flow with continuity. It is flexible in thought and action allowing one to blend with confrontations one may

Mr. Parker has written over 15 authoritative books about Kenpo and his experiences related to establishing this unique karate system. After years of experimenting, discovering, teaching, and sharing, Mr. Parker has unified his Kenpo knowledge in each of the books he authored

Ed Parker Videos

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