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Style: Tang Soo Do

  • Grandmaster Ho Sik Pak's Official Website
Grand Master Ho Sik Pak, 8th Degree Black Belt, began his study of Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan at the age of 10 in Yong Mun, a small town in Kyung Ki province of South Korea. He was awarded Cho Dan at the age of 13 and continued his study there until 1977.
From 1977 to 1979, Grand Master Pak served in the Korean Army and taught combat and self-defense skills to his fellow servicemen. Following his discharge from the military, he was employed as an instructor of Tang Soo Do at the American Air Force Base in Kun San province, Jun Ra Buk Do, South Korea. There he taught those same techniques to U.S. Military Personnel until 1982.

In 1981 he won the prestigious korean body-building contest being nominated Mr. Kun San. In 1982, he was chosen as a member of the Korean Olympic Tang Soo Do team and traveled to the International Tang Soo Do Championship in Atlantic City, New Jersey, contributing to the team's victory. At this time, he decided to make the United States his permanent residence and moved to Southern California.
Grand Master Pak Ho Sik
Grand Master Lee Hon In
Grand Master Lee Pal Young
Grand Master Cha Young So
Grand Master Hong Jong Soo
Grand Master Hwang Kee
Grand Master Yang Ku Chin
In addition to his teaching responsibilities, he has been featured in many martial arts motion pictures, such as Best of the Best. Most recently, he starred in the featured-length film, Hunt to Kill. For more information see his resume.
In 1997 and 1999 he released a full line of Instructional Videos in traditional Tang Soo Do and other training techniques. In 2002 he published the bestselling book Complete Tang Soo Do Manual, volume 1. And in 2003 he produced the book Self-Defense for Kids.

In 2003 he become officially listed in the Kington's National Register of Who's Who for his expertise, and his outstanding achievements nationally and in the community.

In 2003 Grand Master Pak celebrated his 8th Dan at the Battle of LA, National Martial Arts Championship, in Woodland Hills, CA. This annual event is hosted and promoted by GM Pak.

Grand Master Ho Sik Pak's Resume

VIOLATED - Violated Production - Jury Member
KILL ZONE - Spartan Films - Supporting Soldier 3:15 - Raleigh Studios - Supporting & High School Gang Leader
REVENGE OF THE STOLEN STAR - Six Stars Productions - Co-Star - Prince NIGHT STALKER - Night Stalker Productions - Martial Arts Fighter
MAXIE - Marions Wall Productions - Martial Arts Fighter
BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA - 20th Century Fox - Fighter
HOLLYWOOD COP - Peacock Film Productions - Chinese Mafia Leader
SPIES - Lorimar Tele-Pictures - Stunt Fighter NOBLE HOUSE - Deg - Principal
LOOK AT ME AMERICA - Richard Parks Production - Co-Star
BEST OF THE BEST - Taurus Entertainment Company - Co-Star
MORTAL KOMBAT - Katja Motion Picture Corp. - Warrior
IRON PALM - Stunt double - Choreographer - Magic Lantern Productions

THE MASTER - Viacom Productions - Bodyguard-Waiter-Terrorist
THE LONG TIME GONE - Viacom Productions - Lover
MR. SUCCESS - Viacom Productions - Businessman
HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAY - Karson-Higgings-Shaw Co. - College Student

U.S. MILITARY SERVICE - Goal Productions - Lead Soldier
MARTIAL ARTS EDUCATION FILM - Wolfe Productions - Lead

MILLER LITE BEER - Bob Giraldi Productions - Spectator
UNITED AIRLINES - Robert Abel Associates - Flag Dancer
LA CHOY SOY SAUCE - Vern Gillum Productions - Martial Arts Fighter
COORS EXTRA GOLD - Michael Daniel Productions - Brick Breaker
NESCAFE - Martial Arts Instructor MIND ARROW CO-Martial Art Fighter



Pro-Ping-Pong, Volleyball, Soccer, Golf, Ice Skating, Roller Skating, Handball, Basketball, Bicycle Riding, Horseback Riding, Stunt Fighting, Dancing, Gymnastics


1989-2002 Grand Master and Founder HWA RANG WORLD TANG SOO DO FEDERATION, Canoga Park, CA 1999- 2002 Seminars in Sacramento, Arizona and Pennsylvania, Etc�
1985-1988 Martial Art Instructor Woodland Hills Ca
1985-1984 Instructor for Private Studios
Sept-1985 Little Tokyo, LA - Invitational Demonstration
Aug-1985 Japanese Town in San Francisco Invitational Demonstration
July-1985 Top Ranking Competitor - Ed Parker's invitational Long Beach Karate Tournament
June-1985 1st Place and Best Form Performance Demonstration - 2nd Southern California Championship 1984- 1982 Instructor for American Special Forces
1982-1980 Instructor for American Special Forces, in Republic of Korea
1980-1977 Instructor for Korean Private Studios Credentials
Dec-2000 Most Awarded Studio in World Open Martial Arts Championship
Mar-1999 Grand Champion LA Open
July-1998 Grand Champion Pacific Coast Grand National, California
July-1995 1st Place Master Division Ed Parkers International, California
Dec-1995 1st Place Gabe Reynaga's Karate Championship
July-1988 1st Place Ed Parkers International Championship
July-1987 Grand Champion Ed Parkers International, California
July-1986 1st Place Ed Parkers International, California
July-1985 1st Place Ed Parkers International, California
Aug-1985 Grand Champion-West coast Invitational, California
Dec-1984 2-1st Places - Simon Rhee's Open Tournament
Nov-1984 1st Place - Imperial Dragon Martial Art Open Tournament
Oct-1984 Grand Champion - Vo Lam Kung Fu Open Championship
Sept-1984 Grand Champion - American Traditional Martial Way Champion
Aug-1984 1st Place - Southern California Summer Karate Champion
June-1984 Championship Award - Ed Parker's International Long Beach Karate Tournament
June-1984 Selected along with Simon Rhee as a member of the Korean Demonstration Team performing with the "The World Famous Peking Wu Shu Team"
June-1984 Grand Champion - Simom Rhee's Open Tournament
May-1984 Grand Champion - Hard Style Form Competition in Master Cho's Beverly Hills, CA Open Tournament
April-1984 World Famous MASTER EXPO California Invitation Demonstration
Nov-1983 Officiated at U.S. TANG SOO DO Tournament in San Diego, California Special Demonstration Dec- 1982 Officiated at WORLD TOURNAMENT in Atlantic City, NJ - 1st Place, Member of the KOREAN TEAM
July-1981 1st Place - Seoul City, Korea - Free Style Form
Sept-1980 1st Place - Individual Free Sparing Form and National Team
Sept-1979 1st Place - Korean Special Forces Championship Oct -1978 1st Place - Korean National Championship
Sept-1976 Grand Champion - Korean National Tournament
Sept-1975 1st Place - Individual Free Sparing, Free Form and Team
Sept-1973 Grand Champion - Form and Free Sparing

Weapons: Samurai Sword, Nunchuku, Long Stick, Short Stick, Tonfa, Yaskumira, Sai, Throwing Star, Tonfa, Rope Techniques. Techniques: Tang Soo Do, Tae Kwon Do, Hap ki Do, YuDo, Korean Wrestling.

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