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Born August 1, 1942

Style: Kuk Sool Won

1958 After researching and training around Korea, with his brother Grandmaster In Hyuk Suh, developed a systematic, comprehensive, traditional Korean martial arts, KUK SOOL WON.

1961 Grandmaster opened his first Dojang in Pusan, established Korea Kuk Sool Association with Grandmaster In Hyuk Suh.

1969 The 1st National Martial Arts Championship/Exhibition in Seoul (Chang Choong Auditorium) presented. Grandmaster Seo for the first time in modern Korean martial arts history, perform a traditional sword form with JIN GUM(Live Sword).

1974 Assumed the responsibility as the Head master of Korea Kuk Sool Association. By 1998 the association grows to over 200 Kuk Sool schools in Korea under direct control of Grandmaster Seo.

1974 to 1976 Grandmaster featured in numerous nationally televised shows such as MBC’s Talent Search, KBS’s Behind the Secret Door, TBC Games Shows and Pusan Cultural Channel. Grandmaster is the first martial artists in Korea to appear on TV in such extensive coverage.

1975 Grandmaster Seo with 60 other masters and instructors hold Korean Traditional Martial Arts Demonstration in Seoul’s Moon Hwa Auditorium which was televised live for one hour nationally which included extensive interview with the Grandmaster. 

1976 The Government sponsored Korea National Film select Grandmaster Seo and Kuk Sool Won as center focus on a documentary on traditional Korean martial art. Grandmaster Seo serves as the chief consultant and adviser for the documentary.

1978 The Korean Government selected Grandmaster Seo as the leader of the martial arts delegation of nine to represent Korea during the 75th Anniversary of Korean Immigration to Hawaii. The martial arts delegation stayed in Hawaii for 10 days, demonstrating three times a day at the festivities.

1981 Hosted an International Martial Arts Championship/Exhibition in Pusan, with 140 foreign participants and over 500 domestic participants.

1983 Elected as the President of Korea KIDO Association (Dae Han KIDOHAE) The first time in the history of KIDO that a martial artist is elected to head the organization.

1990 World KIDO Federation established to provide the link and tradition of Korean martial arts throughout the world.

1983 to Present Grandmaster Seo heads one of the most prestigious Korean Martial Arts Association in the world with over 1000 member schools. During this time, Grandmaster Seo and the organization hosted 28 National Championship/Exhibition, including 1998 International Championship. We are proudly presenting the KIDO2000, the martial arts extravaganza to celebrate the start of the new millennium.

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