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muay thai training camp

Founder: International Combat Hapkido Federation

Blackbelt Magazine's 2004 Instructor of the Year

Grandmaster John Pellegrini has over 40 years of Martial Arts experience including;

Grandmaster John Pellegrini has founded the following organizations;

  • Founder / Chairman of the "Independent TaeKwonDo Association"
  • Founder / President of the "World Martial Arts Alliance"
  • Founder / President of "Self Defense America, Inc."
  • Founder / President of the "International Police Defense Tactics Institute"

Grandmaster John Pellegrini is a member of the following organizations;

  • Member "Hapkido Examination & Deliberation Committee" World Ki-Do Federation
  • Member Board of Directors "Hanminjok Hapkido Association"
  • Member Board of Directors "Int. Aiki Arts Certification & Accreditation Board"
  • Member Board of Directors "International Disabled Self Defense Association"
  • Member "American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers" (ASLET)
  • Member "International Law Enforcement Educators & Trainers" (ILEETA)
  • Member "Law Enforcement Alliance of America" (LEAA)
  • Member "Police Martial Arts Association"
  • Member "Jeet Kune Do Association"
  • Founding Member "World Black Belt"
  • Lifetime Member "United States Martial Arts Association"
  • Member "American Women Self Defense Association"

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