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(Jan 15, 1941 - Jan 22, 2005)

Founder of Sanuces Ryu Jiu Jitsu

Dr. Moses Powell is one of the true legends of the martial arts world. He is the founder of Sanuces Ryu, a fighting style that combines his over 45 years of experience in various martial arts. Dr. Powell was the first martial artist invited to demonstrate martial arts at the United Nations and a featured martial arts demonstrator at the New York World's Fair. 
Dr. Powell was one of the first African-American martial artists to teach the fighting arts to U.S. law enforcement agencies. 
Dr. Powell is deeply committed to sharing his knowledge and principles to all. He helps ex-offenders by teaching them self-respect, self-control and honesty through the martial arts. To this day, Dr. Powell continues to work with disadvantaged youth and senior citizens around the country. Dr. Powell was featured in "Masters of the Martial Arts", "Warrior Within" and many other films. His Sanuces Ryu system is unparalleled in its combat effectiveness and brute simplicity. Dr. Powell is the consummate martial artist and Sanuces Ryu is the ultimate martial art! Dr. Powell is and will always be the teacher of teachers. 

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