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muay thai training camp

Style: Tae Kwon Do

E-mail: [email protected]

Link to Grandmaster Kim's Jung Suwon Academy web site.

Link to Grandmaster Kim's Go Northstar Production web site.

The life story of Chairman and CEO, Dr. Tae Yun Kim is truly inspirational.  Born into a culture that has had deep prejudices against women for thousands of years, Dr. Kim broke through the traditional barriers and achieved incredible success throughout her life.

Abused by her family and abandoned during the Korean War because she was born as a girl on the Lunar New Year, she nevertheless overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles to follow her dreams.  She broke five thousand years of tradition to become the first female to ever study the martial art of Tae Kwon Do and to eventually attain the rank of Grandmaster, the highest level in the martial arts.  

In 1978,  Dr. Kim was the head coach for the first US Women�s division at the Pre-World Games in Seoul, Korea where they won gold, silver and bronze medals.  This US Woman�s Taekwondo team was the first competitive women�s team in Taekwondo and was a precursor to opening up Taekwondo for women at the Olympics.  Using martial arts techniques in focusing, directing energy and meditation, Dr. Kim also coached the US Windsurfing team and the Japanese, Norwegian and New Zealand ski teams and demonstrated to each team the power of believing in themselves.

In addition to achieving success as a martial arts Master, Dr. Kim has carved a name for herself in the high tech industry.  Her international corporation, Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, which she built herself from the ground up, is the industry leader for Environmental Monitoring and Contamination Control.  Dr. Kim�s mission for her company is to always help people improve the quality of their lives. 

In May 2004, the California Chamber of Commerce selected Dr. Kim and Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions as the winner in their search for a business in California that used the most creative and innovative strategies to overcome the past few years of economic downturn.  Out of hundreds of businesses in California, Lighthouse stood out for the unique risks that Dr. Kim took to overcome the challenges that they faced.

Dr. Kim won the Susan B. Anthony award in 1985, the Women of Achievement Award in the Sports category in 1990 from the Silicon Valley Women�s Fund and was named the 2002 State of California Woman of the Year award by the California State Legislature.  She was selected as an honoree for the YWCA Tribute to Women and Industry in 2002 for the work that she has done in the high tech industry and in supporting women and girls in high tech careers and honored as a Woman of Achievement in the Corporate category for her remarkable successes as a woman in the corporate world.

She continues to motivate thousands of people through her books, �Seven Steps to Inner Power�, �The Silent Master�, and �The First Element�, just to name a few.  These books have been translated into more than 14 languages around the world and continue to be in high demand.

A tremendous inspiration to thousands of people over the years, Dr. Kim has shared her trademark words �He Can Do, She Can Do, Why Not Me!� with people of all ages through lectures, seminars, and meetings. 


  • Best Solution to a Product (Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions), Attendees� Choice Award, SEMICON West 2004

  • Winner of California Chamber of Commerce �Simply Essential Success Stories� contest for the most innovative business leader in California, 2004

  • Designated as �Hope of Korea� by President, First Lady & people of Korea, 2001

  • Selected as �One of the Most Successful Koreans who Bring Hope to Korea� by Kyunghyang Daily News, 2001

  • Susan B. Anthony Award, 1985

  • Cultural Living Treasure Award, 1995

  • State of California, Woman of the Year, 2002

  • Women of Achievement Award, Corporate category, 2002

  • Women of Achievement Award, Sports category 1990

  • YWCA�s Tribute to Women and Industry Award recipient, 2002

  • Portrayed in �Culture Clash in AmeriCCa� by nationally acclaimed group, Culture Clash, 2003

  • Life story portrayed in 40-day live broadcast on KBS Radio International, 2002

  • African-American/Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame inductee, 2002

  • Hwang Hee Culture & Art Prize (similar to the Nobel Peace Prize), Seoul, Korea, 2002

  • Woman of Highest Achievement, IndoAmerican Community Federation, 2002

  • Businessperson of the Year Award, Chamber of Commerce, Silicon Valley, 1998

  • Appointed as Honorary Advisor of Gyeongsangbuk-Do Province in South Korea for International Cooperation in order to promote international trade and economic relations between regions

  • Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, Top 100 Fastest Growing Company in US, 1995

  • Tae Yun Kim Day, Santa Clara County, February 2, 2002

  • Tae Yun Kim Day, Silicon Valley, February 2, 1998

  • Recipient of honorary keys to many US cities

  • Hall of Fame Instructor of the Year Award, 1990 and 1993

  • Award of Merit for Exceptional Achievement Toward Development of Martial Arts Throughout the Community and Overseas, 1995

  • Letter of Appreciation for Dedicated Service and Outstanding Contribution to the Development of Martial Arts as a World Spirit, 1994

  • Many more�


  • Special Entertainment feature on TV Tokyo, Japan, October, 2004

  • Keynote Speaker, Third Annual Korean American Women Conference, New York, 2004

  • Keynote Speaker, 21st Century Women�s CEO Association, Seoul, Korea, 2004

  • Keynote Speaker, Orientation of Incoming Freshmen, Sook Myung University, 2004

  • Keynote Speaker, IndoAmerican Community Federation�s Unity Dinner 2004

  • Featured Speaker, 5th Annual Summit for Women, San Francisco, 2003

  • Keynote Speaker, IndoAmerican Community Federation�s Unity Dinner 2002

  • Keynote Speaker, NAACP Prayer Breakfast, Sacramento, CA, 2002

  • Featured Speaker, 4th Annual Summit for Women, San Francisco, 2001

  • Keynote Speaker, Martin Luther King Academic School Women�s Summit, 2001

  • Keynote Speaker, Kaiser Permanente Annual Giving Campaign, United Way, 2001

  • Featured guest on the Crook & Chase Talk Show on TNN, 1999

  • Featured guest on The Howie Mandel Show, 1998

  • Featured Speaker, International Lecture for CEOs & Executives, Dallas Convention Center, 1997

  • Keynote Speaker, Symposium for Health Workers, Stanford University, 1997

  • Keynote Speaker, Indian Professional Business Women Conference, 1997

  • Keynote Speaker, Federation of Korea Industries & Int�l Management Institute, Int�l CEO Forum, Cheju, South Korea, 2001

  • Keynote Speaker for Opening Ceremonies of Seoul Int�l Computer Fair, Digital Expo Korea, 2001

  • Keynote Speaker for Korea Human Development Institute Management seminar, 2001

  • Keynote Speaker for Lecture at Provincial Government Office, Gangwan-do, 2001

  • Keynote Speaker for Worldwide Managers Meeting, Coreana Cosmetic Company, 2001

  • Featured Guest, KBS International Radio program, 2001

  • Keynote Speaker for Executive Management Meeting, Samsung Corning, 2001

  • Keynote Speaker for College of Business & Economics at Yonsei University, 2001

  • SBS TV, Good Morning Show, 2001

  • Arirang TV, Happy Station Show, 2001

  • Jeju MBC lecture TV Special, 2001

  • KBS Newsline Special, MBN News Special, 2001

  • Keynote speaker for Lecture at Cho Dal Chung, Public Procurement Service, Taejon, 2001

  • Keynote speaker for Lecture & book signing at Incheon Soong Duk High School, 2001

  • Keynote speaker for Lecture at Jinju City Hall, 2001

  • Keynote speaker for Lecture at R.O.K. Air University, Taejon, 2001

  • Keynote Speaker for Lecture at Seoul Metropolitan City Government, 2001

  • Keynote speaker for Lecture at Gyeongsangbuk-Do City Hall, 2001

  • Keynote speaker for Lecture at Sejong University, 2001

  • KBS (Ah Chim Ma Dang), SBN, MBC, YTN, 1996

  • Keynote Speaker for Management & Medical Professionals at Cheil Hospital, 1996

  • Keynote Speaker for Managers at Sang-A Pharmaceutical, 1996

  • Many more�


  • San Jose Family Shelter
  • Mentor for the Professional Businesswomen of California
  • United Way
  • American Cancer Society, �Relay for Life�
  • International SOS Children�s Village
  • Safe House for Women & Children
  • Women�s Battered Shelter
  • Special Olympics
  • Inner City Games/After School All Stars
  • US Downhill Skiing Olympic Team
  • Professional Women in Business Association
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Elderly Retirement Center of Vermont
  • National Windsurfing Committee
  • Tri-Cities Children�s Group
  • San Jose Rehabilitation and Correctional Center
  • Father John�s Homeless Shelter of San Jose
  • Adolescent Residential Center (ARC) Program
  • Many more�


  •          New York Times

  •          Seattle Times

  •          Los Angeles Times

  •          Miami Herald

  •          San Francisco Chronicle

  •          San Jose Mercury News

  •          USA Today

  •          Body Mind Spirit

  •          Health World (Cover)

  •          Fitness Magazine

  •          New World

  •          American Fitness (Cover)

  •          Korea Daily News

  •          CEO Magazine

  •          ELLE

  •          San Francisco Examiner

  •          Chicago Post

  •          The Business Journal

  •          The Argus

  •          Tae Kwon Do Times (4 covers)

  •          Inside Karate Magazine

  •          Star

  •          Asian Week

  •          Faces International

  •          Weekly Morning Korean News

  •          Wirtschaftswoche

  •          Taipei Times

  •          Many more�



  • Seven Steps to Inner Power (translated into 15 different languages)
  • Seven Steps to Inner Power Workbook
  • Seven Steps to Inner Power Book audio/CD
  • Using Your Inner Power
  • The First Element: Secrets to Maximizing Your Energy
  • They Call Me Success (Korean)
  • Golden Key of the CEO (Chinese version of They Call Me Success)


  • Moving Meditation Video & DVD series
  • Heart to Heart audio CD
  • Whisper to Your Soul audio tape & CD
  • Rainbow Wings audio CD
  • Freedom Dance audio series
    • Be Free
    • Rising Above
    • Ocean Magic
    • Be an Original
    • Wings of Freedom
  • Seven Steps to Inner Power video & DVD series
    • Seven Steps to Inner Power
    • Reaching Beyond the Ordinary
  • Many more�


  • UNITED STATES:  ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN Headlines, KTSF, KCBS, WABC, New Dimensions Radio, and many more�
  • GERMANY: ProSieben
  • KOREA: All National TV Stations
  • JAPAN: TV Tokyo
  • Many more�

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