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Birthdate: June 15, 1917 (age: 91)
Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii

10th Degree Black Belt in Jujitsu
6th Degree Black Belt in
Founder and Grandmaster of Jujitsu America
Founder and Grandmaster of Small Circle JujitsuTM International
Founder and Great Grandmaster of Professor Jay's Small Circle JujitsuTM

Through his varied martial art experience, he developed his own system called Small Circle JujitsuTM. He has been twice inducted in the Black Belt magazine Hall of Fame. He studied under Paul Kaelemakule, Juan Gomes, and Professor Henry S. Okazaki (Founder of the Kodenkan Jujitsu system). His Judo teacher was the Hawaiian Champion, Ken Kawachi who gave him the key to the Small Circle JujitsuTM techniques.

He received his Restorative Massage in 1945 and the Certificate of Mastery (Kodenkan Jujitsu ) from Professor Okazaki on February 22,1948. His wife, Bernice was also a recipient. She is ranked as a Sandan since 1954, now inactive. Professor Jay is also ranked as a 6th Dan in Judo. In 1960,he was named by the Hokka Judo Yudanshakai as "Northern California Judo Coach of the Year". He has produced many national, state, and regional winners. In the 1968 and 1979 National Hi School Judo Championships, two of his pupils won the 120 pound national titles and both were named in the top awards. In 1968, David Quinonez and In 1970 Bradford Burgo both were recipient of the Yamauchi Award" for their outstanding showing when they captured the 120 pound crown.

He was inducted into the Black Belt Magazine's Hall of Fame in 1969 and again in 1990. He was also recipients of many "Hall of Fame and Who's Who" national and international organization. He was awarded on Honorary Doctorate by the College of Martial Arts Sioux Falls, South Dakota on May 4,1991. Inside Kung Fu magazine named him as one of the 100 most influential martial arts personalities of All Times.

He has taught in 32 countries and was Team Captain that went to China in 1985. He demonstrated on Emperor's Day April 29 th at the Dai Nippon Butokuden at Kyoto, Japan in 1992 He was one of the three men that went to Boputhatswana South Africa in 1992. Tony Maynard and Ernie Boggs were on the team.

He is the Founder of the "Small Circle" style of Jujitsu based on Kodenkan Danzan Ryu Jujitsu. It is based on his ten principles, the transitional techniques, and two way wrist action which is applicable to any style. His effortless application has been used by many women, children, and men in many difficult situations. His son, Leon Jay teaches near London, England. He finds that the Small Circle and George Dillman's Kyusho Jitsu are compatible. In fact, many others have found it to be compatible with almost any style. Professor has named his four inheritors -- Lee Eichelberger of California, Leon Jay of London England, Ed Melaugh of Massachusetts, and Ronald Ogi of Hawaii.

Professor Wally Jay was a student of Professor Okazaki, Juan Gomez, and Ken Kawachi in Hawaii in the early 40's. Professor Jay is known nationally and internationally as the founder of Small Circle JujitsuTM and an outstanding Judo Coach. He has received many awards in the past decades which include "Outstanding Judo Coach", "Northern California Judo Coach" of the year, Black Belt Magazine's "Instructor of Jujitsu" and "Man of the Year" ... and featured on the convers of top rated martial arts magazines.

Professor Jay is the head instructor of Jay's Jujitsu Studio, which is also known as Island Judo/Jujitsu Club in Alameda, California. At the age of 80, he travels world-wide teaching seminars on Small Circle JujitsuTM.

Official Website: www.smallcirclejujitsu.com

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