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Matthew James "The Law" Lindland (born May 17, 1970) is an American professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, Olympic wrestler, and politician. He won the Oregon Republican Party's nomination for the Oregon House of Representatives, district 52 seat on May 20, 2008, in a close race.

Lindland started wrestling at age 15. He represented the United States in Greco-Roman Wrestling at the 2000 Summer Olympics in the 69-76 kg weight category, winning the silver medal. He almost didn't compete in the 2000 Summer Olympics. In the finals of the olympic trials, Lindland wrestled Keith Sieracki. Lindland accused Sieracki of using his legs to secure an advantage that led to Sieracki winning the match. Under the rules of Greco-Roman wrestling, athletes are not permitted the use of their legs for advantages or defense of offensive moves. Lindland eventually took the issue as far as the Supreme Court to secure a spot on the 2000 Olympic team, arguing that an arbitration which had come out in Sieracki's favor was flawed legally. He was given a wrestle-off against Sieracki, which he won. Due to the legal aspect of his Olympic berth, he eventually adopted the nickname of "The Law".

During one of the fights against Sieracki, Lindland bit Sieracki in the ear which caused Sieracki's ear to bleed. The match went on seemingly without the officials aware of the blatant foul that happened

Lindland readily adapted his wrestling skills to mixed martial arts fighting, with the aid of his friends Randy Couture, Dan Henderson and others at Team Quest, to create an effective and dominant Clinch-and-pound and Ground-and-pound attacking style. He progressed rapidly through the ranks of the middleweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship until losing to Murilo Bustamante in a championship match.

Lindland continued to maintain a mostly-winning record in the UFC, not including two embarrassing losses to Falaniko Vitale and David Terrell. Prior to the fight with Terrell, Lindland was touted as the number one Middleweight in the UFC, only to be knocked out in the first round in what was to many a shocking upset. Another embarrassing loss came at the hands of Falaniko Vitale, who Matt Lindland attempted to slam, only to knock himself out in the process. Lindland was eventually dropped from the UFC roster for breaking one of the sponsorship and advertising-related terms of his contract, and has continued his professional MMA career with 5 wins and a split decision loss in high-level international competition. Lindland is sometimes ranked as being the number one, and generally a top 5 fighter in his weight category in mixed martial arts.

After signing a contract with the newly rejuvenated World Fighting Alliance, Lindland fought Quinton Jackson in the main event of the WFA: King of the Streets] card, losing via split decision. After the fight, Jackson noted Lindland's practice of not showering for several days before fights, saying: "Man that was like fighting a smelly skunk." Lindland's next fight � in the International Fight League, which also marked Lindland's debut as an IFL team coach � was against standout middleweight Jeremy Horn; Lindland won by TKO early in the second round. He then beat Carlos Newton at IFL Houston by submission.

Lindland has a professional MMA record of 21 wins and 5 losses. However he has drawn criticism in the past from fans who say his style is boring and relies on the 'lay and pray' style to win fights even though most of his victories have come by way of stoppage; he has finished in 8 out of his last 10 victories. Though many say the talent of the competition he is placed in the ring with is questionable. Citing his last two victories have come against fighters with dwindling careers.

Lindland is currently coaching the Portland Wolfpack in the International Fight League.

Lindland is always referred to as "Woogie" among MMA internet circles due to his resemblance to Chris Elliot who played a character nicknamed Woogie in the movie There's Something About Mary, his most notable role.

There is currently a documentary being filmed about Matt and his MMA career

Nick Name: The Law

Weight Class: Middleweight

DOB: 5/17/70

Height: 6.0

Weight: 185 lbs


MMA Record: 21-6-0

UFC History:

  • UFC 29: (12/16/00) Lindland defeated Yoji Anjo by TKO at 2:58 in the First Round.

  • UFC 31: (5/4/01) Lindland was DQ against Ricardo Almeida at 4:21 in the Third Round.

  • UFC 34: (11/21/03) Lindland defeated Phil Baroni by Majority Decision at the end of the Third Round.

  • UFC 36: (3/22/02) Lindland defeated Pat Miletich by TKO at 3:09 in the First Round.

  • UFC 37: (5/10/02) Lindland lost to Murilo Bustamante by submission at 1:33 in the Third Round.

  • UFC 39: (9/27/02) Lindland defeated Ivan Salaverry by Unanimous Decision at the end of the Third Round.

  • UFC 41: (2/28/03) Lindland defeated Phil Baroni by Unanimous Decision at the end of the Third Round.

  • UFC 43: (6/6/03) Lindland lost to Falaniko Vitale by TKO at 1:56 in the First Round.

  • UFC 45: (11/21/03) Lindland defeated Falaniko Vitale by submission at 4:23 in the Third Round.

  • UFC 49: (8/21/04) Lindland lost to David Terrell by KO at 0:24 in the First Round.

  • UFC 52: (4/16/05) Lindland defeated Travis Lutter by submission at 3:32 in the Second Round.

  • UFC 54: (8/20/05) Lindland defeated Joe Doerksen by Unanimous Decision at the end of the Third Round.

Affliction History:

  • Banned: (7/19/08) Lindland defeated Fabio Negao by unanimous decision at the end of the Third Round.

  • Day of Reckoning: (1/24/09) Lost to Vitor Belfort by KO (Punch) at 0:37 in the First Round.

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