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Bas Rutten vs. Kevin Randlman   Bas Rutten Wins by Split decision in the First Round
Pedro Rizzo vs. Tra Telligman   Pedro Rizzo Wins by KO at 4:30 in the First Round
Pete Williams vs. Travis Fulton   Pete Williams Wins by Submission at 6:28 in the First Round
Wanderlei Silva vs. Tony Peterra   Wanderlei Silva Wins by KO at 2:53 in the First Round
Marcello Mello vs. David Roberts   Marcello Mello Wins by TKO at 1:23 in the First Round
Laverne Clark vs. Fabiano Iha   Lavern Clark Wins by TKO at 1:31 in the First Round
Ron Waterman vs. Chris Condo   Ron Waterman Wins by Submission at 0:29 in the First Round

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