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UFC 58 Fight Money
USA vs. CANADA - 3/4/06

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Rich Franklin vs. David Loiseau -Rich Franklin: $32,000 (defeated David Loiseau in main event) -David Loiseau: $9,000 (lost to Rich Franklin in main event)
Georges St. Pierre vs. BJ Penn -Georges St. Pierre: $48,000 (defeated BJ Penn) -BJ Penn: $25,000 (lost to Georges St. Pierre)
Nate Marguardt vs. Joe Doerksen -Nathan Marquardt: $30,000 (defeated Joe Doerksen) -Joe Doerksen: $5,000 (lost to Nathan Marquardt)
Mike Swick vs. Steve Vigneault -Mike Swick: $10,000 (defeated Steve Vigneault) -Steve Vigneault: $2,000 (lost to Mike Swick)
Yves Edwards vs. Mark Hominick -Yves Edwards: $8,000 (lost to Mark Hominick) -Mark Hominick: $4,000 (defeated Yves Edwards)
Rob MacDonald vs. Jason Lambert -Rob Macdonald: $5,000 (lost to Jason Lambert) -Jason Lambert: $4,000 (defeated Jason Macdonald)
Spencer Fisher vs. Sam Stout -Spencer Fisher: $8,000 (lost to Sam Stout) -Sam Stout: $4,000 (lost to Spencer Fisher)
Tom Murphy vs. Icho Larenas -Tom Murphy: $10,000 (defeated Icho Larenas) -Icho Larenas: $3,000 (lost to Tom Murphy)

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