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LIDDELL VS. ORTIZ 2 12/30/06

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Disclosed Fighter Payroll: $767,000
Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz Chuck Liddell: $250,000 (17th UFC fight; defeated Tito Ortiz) Tito Ortiz: $210,000 (19th UFC fight; lost to Chuck Liddell)
Andrei Arlovski vs. Marcio Cruz Andrei Arlovski: $145,000 (12th UFC fight; defeated Marcio "Pe de Pano" Cruz) -Marcio "Pe de Pano" Cruz: $5,000 (4th UFC fight; lost to Andrei Arlovski)
Forrest Griffin vs.  Keith Jardine Forrest Griffin: $16,000 (6th UFC fight; lost to Keith Jardine) Keith Jardine: $14,000 (5th UFC fight; defeated Forrest Griffin)
Michael Bisping vs. Eric Schafer Michael Bisping: $24,000 (2nd UFC fight; defeated Eric Schafer) Eric Schafer: $4,000 (2nd UFC fight; lost to Michael Bisping)
Chris Leben vs.  Jason MacDonald Chris Leben: $7,000 (8th UFC fight; lost to Jason MacDonald) Jason MacDonald: $10,000 (2nd UFC fight; defeated Chris Leben)
Thiago Alves vs. Tony DeSouza Thiago Alves: $22,000 (6th UFC fight; defeated Tony DeSouza) Tony DeSouza: $7,000 (5th UFC fight; lost to Thiago Alves)
Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Carmelo Marrero Gabriel Gonzaga: $18,000 (3rd UFC fight; defeated Carmelo Marrero) Carmelo Marrero: $5,000 (2nd UFC fight; lost to Gabriel Gonzaga)
Anthony Perosh vs. Christian Wellisch Anthony Perosh: $3,000 (2nd UFC fight; lost to Christian Wellisch) Christian Wellisch: $6,000 (2nd UFC fight; defeated Anthony Perosh)
Yushin Okami vs. Rory Singer Yushin Okami: $16,000 (3rd UFC fight; defeated Rory Singer) Rory Singer: $5,000 (3rd UFC fight; lost to Yushin Okami)

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