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UFC 67 Prediction Contest
Anderson Silva vs. Travis Lutter Round 1
No action for the first minute. Travis tries to takedown but no success. Silva throws a kick and misses. Travis finally has taken Silva down. Travis isn't doing much and Silva escapes. Travis shoots and takes Silva down again. Anderson almost has the arm bar but back to same position. Travis has the side control, and got the full mount and starts punching, but Silva escapes because Travis goes for a poor arm bar. Silva is standing while Travis still on ground. First round ends.

Round 2
 Travis takes Silva down again. Silva kicked Travis in the head, and has the triangle lock. Silva is squeezing the leg and pulling Travis's head. Silva pounding Travis's head. Silva kept pounding Travis's head with his elbow Travis tapped out.

Mirko Cro Cop vs. Eddie Sanchez Round 1
Sanchez comes out punching, Cro Cop is very relaxed and waits patiently. Cro Cop lands a punch, lands a kick, lands another punch, another punch, lands a kick. Sanchez lands a punch but Cro Cop not fazed. Cro Cop is just walking towards Sanches while Sanchez walks away. Sanchez is just trying to last the round but Cro Cop ends up at the top with full mount and starts punching away. Referee stops the fight.
Quinton Jackson vs. Marvin Eastman Round 1
Both fighters standing and trading punches. Clinched up, both throwing some punches and knees. Referee breaks up the clinch due to not enough action. Eastman tries to go for the takedown but clinched up again. Jackson landed some good punches, tries to takedown but Eastman defends. Referee breaks them again. Eastman coming out strong with the punches but Jackson landed a good punch that rocked Eastman. Just as the action was going good, the round ends.

Round 2
Cautious again but after trading some punches, they end up in a clinch. Eastman misses a kick. Eastman goes for a takedown but no success. Not much action, just trading some punches. Jackson seems to have some problem with his eye as if he's poked. Jackson gets Eastman in a clinch, starts throwing some mean uppercuts, then knocks out Marvin Eastman.

John Halverson vs. Roger Huerta Round 1
Halverson misses his kick, Huerta takes him down, mounts him from the back, starts to punch from the behind, the referee stops the fight. The replay shows Huerta hit Halverson with the knee while Halverson was down, which is illegal in UFC rule.
Scott Smith vs. Patrick Cote Round 1
Both fighter standing, couple of leg kicks by Cote. Now Smith coming out with punches and kicks. Clinch. Both fighter standing again. Clinch again. Cote slams down when Scott missed a kick. Both fighter back up, still clinching. Standing again, Cote throwing some leg kicks, Smith missing punches, Round ends. Crowd is booing due to not much action.

Round 2
Both fighters caution again, leg kick by Cote, Smith just waiting for his chance. Smith charges with punches and ends in clinch. Cote trying to go for the double leg takedown but Smith avoids it. Crowd is booing again. Referee break them up. Cote landed a punch that rocked Smith but waited too much for Smith to recover. Clinch again. Cote throws a leg kick as they break away. Smith missing high kicks and not doing much since he got rocked earlier. Clinch and round ends. Crowd is booing very loud.

Round 3
Smith comes out aggressive and starts punching. Smith trying to take Cote down with a single leg, but Cote defending well. Referee breaks them up. Another leg kick by Cote. Smith waiting patiently for an opening. Cote picking up the pace with punches and kicks, and lands a body shot. Smith pressing forward, got a single leg but Cote defends. Crowd booing and referee breaks them again. Cote landed some punch, but Smith throwing some aggressive punches and lands some, ends up in clinch. Few close range punches by Cote but the round ends. Crowd is booing again.

Patrick Cote wins by unanimous decision.

Tyson Griffin vs. Frank Edgar Round 1
Edgar scores a few takedowns in the opening round. Edgar with some strong punching from Griffin's guard. Tyson works to his feet and scores a takedown of his own. after a scramble, Edgar takes Griffin back down to the mat. He passes to half guard and lands some strong shots to Griffin's head.

Round 2
This is turning out to be an awesome contest. Griffin comes out and lands a few hard shots. Edgar scores a takedown but can't hold Griffin down. Griffin stands up and delivers a series of lowkicks that send Edgar to the canvas. Edgar scrambles and ends up in mount. He lands some shots on Griffin before Tyson escaped the bad position.

Round 3
Edgar lays a beating on the gassed out Griffin for the first four minutes of the round. With about 50 seconds left in the fight, Griffin rolled into a kneebar. The hold was very tight as Edgar screamed and pounded the mat but he rolled out and dropped some punches down on his opponent's head. The judges rule 29-28 x2 and 30-27 for the winner by unanimous decision, Frankie Edgar.
Terry Martin vs. Jorge Rivera Round 1
Terry Martin knocks Rivera out cold just 14 seconds into the bout. Rivera came out and threw a lowkick that was caught by Martin. Terry dropped him to the mat and landed 3 straight right hand bombs that put Rivera to sleep.
Diego Saraiva vs. Dustin Hazelett Round 1
Hazelett controlled much of the first round on the feet, then later scored with some punishment from the top position on the ground. Saraiva was able to reverse at one point, but the match was restarted to standing after a stalemate.

Round 2
Hazelett comes out and lands some solid shots to his opponent's chin. Hazelett scores a takedown. Dustin is controlling the fight and picking his shots on the ground. With a minute left in the round, Saraiva was able to sweep and land some elbows from Hazelett's half-guard.

Round 3
Hazelett looks tired as he steps forward to start round 3. Hazelett lands a kick to the head of Diego. Diego switches levels and slams Hazelett to the mat. Saraiva rides the top position for a few minutes without doing any damage. The ref stands the fighters up. Hazelett lands a few punches but Saraiva counters with a trip takedown. The offical scorecards all read 30-27 for the winner by unanimous decision, Dustin Hazelett.
Sam Hoger vs. Ryoto Machida Round 1
Ryoto dropped Hoger three times in the round with the same technique; countering a lazy Hoger kick with a stright punch to the chin. With about 1:40 left in the round, Ryoto scored a body lock takedown. Hoger landed a few shots in the round and went for an ankle lock.

Round 2
Again Ryoto drops Hoger after catching a lazy low kick. Ryoto does some damage in Hoger's guard. Hoger takes several shots while trying to escape to his feet. Hoger hooks a leg and attempts a submission but Ryoto punishes him for it. Ryoto lands two knees to the chin of Hoger. Hoger falls down and Ryoto enters his guard. he lands some punches and moves to mount before laying a beating on Hoger.

Round 3
Ryoto lands another left straight. He follows with some kicks to the body. Ryoto scores another takedown and mounts. Hoger escapes to his feet but eats more punishment. Ryoto roughing him up with kicks to the body and a straight, snapping left. Hoger is showing lots of heart but he is being outclassed. Ryoto punctuates the fight with a big left hand as the horn sounds to end the final round. All three judges score the fight 30-27 for Machida.

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