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Live Play by Play UFC 81 Results

Main Events
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Tim Sylvia Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira: $200,000 (defeated Tim Sylvia; win bonus was $100,000) Tim Sylvia: $100,000 (lost to Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira; win bonus would have been $100,000)
Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir Brock Lesnar: $250,000 (lost to Frank Mir; win bonus would have been $200,000) Frank Mir: $80,000 (defeated Brock Lesnar; win bonus was $40,000)
Nathan Marquardt vs. Jeremy Horn Nathan Marquardt: $52,000 (defeated Jeremy Horn; win bonus was $26,000) Jeremy Horn: $25,000 (lost to Nathan Marquardt; win bonus would have been $25,000)
Rob Yundt vs. Ricardo Almeida Rob Yundt: $5,000 (lost to Ricardo Almeida; win bonus would have been $5,000) Ricardo Almeida: $40,000 (defeated Rob Yundt; win bonus was $20,000)
Tyson Griffin vs. Gleison Tibau Tyson Griffin: $36,000 (defeated Gleison Tibau; win bonus was $18,000) Gleison Tibau: $11,000 (lost to Tyson Griffin; win bonus would have been $11,000)
Preliminary Bouts
Terry Martin vs. Marvin Eastman Terry Martin: $12,000 (lost to Marvin Eastman; win bonus would have been $12,000) Marvin Eastman: $14,000 (defeated Terry Martin; win bonus was $7,000)
Keita Nakamura vs. Rob Emerson Keita Nakamura: $5,000 (lost to Robert Emerson; win bonus would have been $5,000) Robert Emerson: $16,000 (defeated Keita Nakamura; win bonus was $8,000)
Chris Lytle vs. Kyle Bradley Chris Lytle: $24,000 (defeated Kyle Bradley; win bonus was $12,000) Kyle Bradley: $4,000 (lost to Chris Lytle; win bonus would have been $4,000)
David Heath vs. Tim Boetsch David Heath: $6,000 (lost to Tim Boetsch; win bonus would have been $6,000) Tim Boetsch: $12,000 (defeated David Heath; win bonus was $6,000)


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