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UFC Forums

Lightweight Championship (Bantamweight Before UFC 31)

145 to 155lbs (66 to 70 Kg)
Name Date Location Defenses
Jens Pulver
(defeated Caol Uno)
UFC 30 (2/23/01) Atlantic City

UFC 33: Defeated Dennis Hallman

UFC 35: Defeated BJ Penn

Title Vacated March 2002 Jens Pulver stripped of the title and left UFC organization due to a contract dispute
Sean Sherk
(defeated Kenny Florian)
UFC 64 (10/14/06) Las Vegas

UFC 73: Defeated Hermes Franca

Title Vacated December 2007 Sean Shirk stripped of the title due to  positive steroid test
BJ Penn

(defeated Joe Stevenson)

UFC 80
New Castle, England

UFC 85: Defeated Sean Sherk

UFC 101: Defeated Kenny Florian.

Welterweight Championship (Lightweight Before UFC 31)

156 to 170 lbs (70 to 77 Kg)
Name Date Location Defenses
Pat Miletich
(defeated Mikey Burnett)
UFC Brazil (10/16/98) Sao Paulo UFC 18: Defeated Jorge Patino

UFC 21: Defeated Andre Pederneiras

UFC 26: Defeated John Alessio

UFC 29: Kenichi Yamamoto

Carlos Newton
(defeated Pat Miletich)
UFC 31 (5/4/01) Atlantic City  
Matt Hughes
(defeated Carlos Newton)
UFC 34 (11/2/01) Las Vegas UFC 36: Defeated Hayato Sakurai

UFC 38: Defeated Carlos Newton

UFC 40: Defeated Gil Castillo

UFC 42: Defeated Sean Sherk

UFC 45: Defeated Frank Trigg

BJ Penn
(defeated Matt Hughes)
UFC 46 (1/31/04) Las Vegas  
Title vacated Feb 2004 Penn was stripped of the title after signing with K-1
Matt Hughes (2)
(defeated Georges St. Pierre)
UFC 50 (10/22/04) Atlantic City UFC 52: Defeated Frank Trigg

UFC 63: Defeated BJ Penn

Georges St. Pierre
(Defeated Matt Hughes)
UFC 65 (11/18/06) Sacramento  
Matt Serra
(defeated Georges St. Pierre)
UFC 69 (4/7/07) Houston  
Georges St. Pierre
(Defeated Matt Hughes for interim title)
UFC 79 (12/29/07) Las Vegas  
Georges St. Pierre
(Defeated Matt Serra for title)
UFC 83 (4/19/08) Canada UFC 87: Defeated Jon Fitch.

UFC 94: Defeated BJ Penn.

UFC 100: Defeated Thiago Alves.

Middleweight Championship

171 to 185 lbs (77 to 84 Kg)
Name Date Location Defenses
Dave Menne
(Defeated Gil Castillo)
UFC 33 (9/28/01) Las Vegas  
Murilo Bustamante
(defeated Dave Menne)
UFC 35 (1/11/02) Las Vegas UFC 37: Defeated Matt Lindland
Title vacated October 2002 Bustamante was stripped of the title when he signed with PRIDE
Evan Tanner
(defeated David Terrell)
UFC 51 (2/5/05) Las Vegas  
Rich Franklin
(Defeated Evan Tanner
UFC 53 (6/4/05) Las Vegas UFC 56: Defeated Nate Quarry

UFC 58: Defeated David Loiseau

Anderson Silva UFC 64 (10/14/06) Las Vegas UFC 73: Defeated Nate Marquardt

UFC 77: Defeated Rich Franklin

UFC 82: Defeated Dan Henderson

UFC 88: Defeated Patrick Cote.

UFC 97: Defeated Thales Leites.

Light Heavyweight Championship (Middleweight before UFC 31)

186 to 205 lbs (84 to 93 Kg)
Name Date Location Defenses
Frank Shamrock
(defeated Kevin Jackson)
UFC Japan (12/21/97) Yokohama UFC 16: Defeated Igor Zinoviev

UFC 17: Defeated Jeremy Horn

UFC Brazil: Defeated John Lober

UFC 22: Defeated Tito Ortiz

Title vacated November 1999 Shamrock retired from the UFC
Tito Ortiz
(defeated Wanderlei Silva)
UFC 25 (4/14/00) Tokyo UFC 29: Defeated Yuki Kondo

UFC 30: Defeated Evan Tanner

UFC 32: Defeated Elvis Sinosic

UFC 33: Defeated Vladimir Matyushenko

UFC 40: Defeated Ken Shamrock

Randy Couture
(defeated Chuck Liddell
 for interim title)
UFC 43 (6/6/03) Las Vegas  
Randy Couture
(defeated Tito Ortiz for
undisputed title)
UFC 44 (9/26/03) Las Vegas  
Vitor Belfort
(defeated Randy Couture)
UFC 46 (1/31/04) Las Vegas  
Randy Couture (2)
(defeated Vitor Belfort)
UFC 49 (8/21/04) Las Vegas  
Chuck Liddell
(defeated Randy Couture)
UFC 52 (4/16/05) Las Vegas UFC 54: Defeated Jeremy Horn

UFC 57: Defeated Randy Couture

UFC 62: Defeated Renato Sobral

UFC 66: Defeated Tito Ortiz

UFC 71: Lost to Quinton Jackson

Quinton Jackson
(defeated Chuck Liddell)
UFC 71 (5/26/07) Las Vegas UFC 76: Defeated Dan Henderson

UFC 86: Lost to Forrest Griffin

Forrest Griffin
(defeated Quinton Jackson)
UFC 86 (7/5/08) Las Vegas UFC 92: Lost to Rashad Evans
Rashad Evans
(defeated Forrest Griffin)
UFC 92 (12/27/08) Las Vegas UFC 98: Lost to Lyoto Machida
Lyoto Machida
(defeated Rashad Evans)
UFC 98 (5/23/09) Las Vegas UFC 104: Will fight Mauricio Rua next.

Heavyweight Championship

206 to 265 lbs (93 to 120 Kg)
Name Date Location Defenses
Mark Coleman
(defeated Dan Severn)
UFC 12 (2/7/97) Dathan  
Maurice Smith
(defeated Mark Coleman)
UFC 14 (7/27/97) Birmingham

UFC 15: Defeated David Abbott

Randy Couture
(defeated Maurice Smith)
UFC Japan (12/21/97) Yokohama  
Title vacated January 1998 Couture was stripped of the title due to a contract dispute
Bas Rutten
(defeated Kevin Randleman)
UFC 20 (5/7/99) Tokyo  
Title vacated June 1999 Rutten was stripped of the title after leaving UFC
Kevin Randleman
(defeated Pete Williams)
UFC 23 (11/19/99) Tokyo UFC 26: Defeated Pedro Rizzo
Randy Couture (2)
(defeated Kevin Randleman)
UFC 28 (11/17/00) Tokyo UFC 31: Defeated Pedro Rizzo

UFC 34: Defeated Pedro Rizzo

Josh Barnnett
(defeated Randy Couture)
UFC 36 (3/22/02) Las Vegas  
Title vacated March 2002 Barnett was stripped of the title after testing positive for steroids
Ricco Rodriguez
(defeated Randy Couture)
UFC 39 (9/27/02) Uncasville  
Tim Sylvia
(defeated Ricco Rodriguez)
UFC 41 (2/28/03) Atlantic City UFC 44: Defeated Gan McGee
Title vacated September 2003 Sylvia was stripped of the title after testing positive for steroids
Frank Mir
(defeated Tim Sylvia)
UFC 48 (6/19/04) Las Vegas  
Andrei Arlovski
(defeated Tim Sylvia for
interim title)
UFC 51 (2/5/05) Las Vegas UFC 53: Defeated Justin Eiler
Andrei Arlovski
(promoted to undisputed champion)
(8/12/05)   UFC 55: Defeated Paul Buentello
Tim Sylvia (2)
(defeated Andrei Arlovski)
UFC 59 (4/15/06) Anaheim UFC 61: Defeated Andrei Arlovski

UFC 65: Defeated Jeff Monson

Randy Couture (3)
(defeated Tim Sylvia)
UFC 68
Columbus UFC 74: Defeated Gabriel Gonzaga.
Antonio Nogueria
(defeated Tim Sylvia)
Became the interim Heavyweight Champion
UFC 81
Las Vegas  
Brock Lesnar
(defeated Randy Couture)
Became the Heavyweight Champion
UFC 91 (11/15/08) Las Vegas UFC 100: Defeated Frank Mir
 Frank Mir (2)
(defeated Antonio Nogueria)
Became the interim Heavyweight Champion
UFC 92
Las Vegas  
Brock Lesnar
(defeated  Frank Mir)
Became the undisputed Heavyweight Champion
UFC 100
Las Vegas  



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