Teaser of Capoeira Angola “Come Play With Me My Brother” the DVD released in October 2007 by helicomusic www.helicomusic.com The DVD includes a cd of the soundtrack of this very special event. Some the finest angola capoeirists come together for a roda filmed in Paris. GRUPO CAPOEIRA ANGOLA YPIRANGA DE PASTINHA MESTRE MANOEL,MESTRE COBRA MANSA, CONTRAMESTRE DIRCEU DE ANGOLA, and TRENELS MARCELO, RICARDO amongst other angoleiros… Over an hour of nicely edited and multiangled footage celebrates this encounter. Two documentaries also place this branch of capoeira in it’s spiritual and cultural context and dipict the social implication of the CYP in the favelas of Rio in Brazil. The DVD includes also a lexis explaining the key notions of this art. This project is truely mutilingual as the menus and subtitles are in portuguese, french and english. The in depth translation of the singing also gives an interesting insight on the spiritual and humoristic aspect of capoeira culture. Available for purchase : [email protected]

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