In 2010, the World Hwa Rang Do Association ( ) published a DVD documentary detailing the genesis and evolution of the Korean martial art of hwa rang do to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the art and the organization. AVAILABLE NOW FROM BLACK BELT as a gift with the purchase of the books “The Complete Michael D. Echanis Collection” ( http ) or “Hwa Rang Do: Defend, Take Down, Submit” ( ), both available now at Watch the untold story of hwa rang do founder Dr. Joo Bang Lee’s efforts to form a unified Korean martial arts system and the controversial path the art and its leader would find themselves on. And learn the true story of the legendary Michael D. Echanis, perhaps Dr. Lee’s and hwa rang do’s most famous disciple. Features interviews with Dr. Lee and his eldest son, Grandmaster Taejoon Lee. Includes a treasure trove of archival footage and rare photos. Documentary content (c) 2010 World Hwa Rang Do Association. “Hwa rang do” is a registered trademark of the World Hwa Rang Do Association.

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