This video is from the finals match for children’s grappling (7 years of age or less). For children there is no submissions. Points are accumulated by obtaining advantaged positions and for reversals. This finals match features Luke Kim vs Jonah Sim. Note: Luke Kim is Grandmaster Taejoon Lee’s youngest nephew. About the World Hwa Rang Do Championships ===================================== For the first time in Hwa Rang Dos history, the World Championships featured a total of 7 separate tournaments with up to 5 divisions in each which included the debut of Hwa Rang Dos weapon fighting methods, Gumtoogi (Sword Fighting) and Bongtoogi (Stick Fighting). This new opportunity for weapon fighting owes much to Grandmaster Taejoon Lees groundbreaking invention of the Hache Hogu (Leg Protector) armor, as an attachment to traditional Kumdo & Kendo body armor. Overall the World Championships included tournaments in: 1. Open Hand Forms 2. Weapon Forms 3. Kick-Punch-Throw Fighting 4. Kick-Punch-Throw Fighting (Teams) 5. Submission Fighting (Grappling) 6. Stick Fighting (Long Staff) 7. Sword Fighting (Long Sword) The mind blowing thing is that, many of the individual Tae Soo Do & Hwa Rang Do participants competed in every single tournament, with the tournament champions being determined based on their overall performance in all 7 events. Competitors had to switch been uniforms and gear throughout the day, as a new event was about to start. From the sparring event requiring head gear

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