Date: February 7th, 1997
Venue: Dothan Civic Center
City: Dothan, Alabama, USA

  • Lightweight Tournament Alternate bout:  Nick Sanzo vs. Jackie Lee
Sanzo wins by TKO (referee stoppage due to strikes) at 0:48.
  • Heavyweight Tournament Alternate bout:  Justin Martin vs. Eric Martin
Justin Martin wins by submission (heel hook) at 0:14.
  • Lightweight Tournament Semifinals:  Jerry Bohlander vs.  Rainy Martinez
Bohlander wins by submission (rear naked choke) at 1:24.
  • Lightweight Tournament Semifinals:  Yoshiki Takahashi vs.  Wallid Ismail
Takahashi wins by unanimous decision at 15:00. Takahashi broke his hand during the bout, and was unable to continue in the tournament.
  • Heavyweight Tournament Semifinals:  Scott Ferrozzo vs.  Jim Mullen
Ferrozzo wins by TKO (referee stoppage due to strikes) at 8:17.
  • Heavyweight Tournament Semifinals:  Vitor Belfort vs.  Tra Telligman
Belfort wins by TKO (referee stoppage due to strikes) at 1:17.
  • Lightweight Tournament Finals:  Jerry Bohlander vs.  Nick Sanzo
Bohlander wins the Lightweight Tournament by submission (Crucifix) at 0:35. Sanzo replaced Takahashi who broke his hand fighting Wallid Ismail.
  • Heavyweight Tournament Finals:  Vitor Belfort vs.  Scott Ferrozzo
Belfort wins the Heavyweight Tournament by TKO (referee stoppage due to strikes) at 0:43.
  • Heavyweight Championship bout:  Mark Coleman vs.  Dan Severn
Coleman wins by submission (choke) at 2:57 to become the first UFC Heavyweight Champion.

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