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Style: Tang Soo Do

Grandmaster Chong Su Kim was born in Song Tan, Korea, and immigrated to the US in 1977 when he made York, PA, his second home. He received his US citizenship in 1982 and is now becoming widely recognized as a dedicated and strong community-minded citizen. Grandmaster Chong Su Kim has traveled all over the world in order to help needy people and promote the benefits of Tang Soo Do for everyone. He has helped organizations raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity. And, in the past years, his own organization has raised tens of thousands of dollars for worthy charities. Internationally well known and respected as a champion, talented teacher, and a deep philosopher, Grandmaster Chong Su Kim is an incarnation of Martial Arts excellence.
The following list reveals some of the many accomplishments that demonstrate Grandmaster Chong Su Kim's never ending pursuit of perfection:




Grandmaster Chong Su Kim still strives for constant improvement in himself and his students. He seeks to make Tang Soo Do a priceless investment in life for everyone.

Official Site: www.tangsookim.com

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