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Welcome to CompleteMartialArts.com!

We are one of the largest Martial Arts websites online with thousands of pages on all aspects of Martial Arts. If it has anything to do with Martial Arts, you will find it here. If not, please let us know and we will add it.

We are also one of the oldest Martial Arts websites, having been around since 1999. Over the years, we have gathered a tremendous amount of information and have methodically archived them in a way that's easy for the visitors to find. The site is constantly updated so be sure to check back often.

Don't forget to visit our Martial Arts Directory of over 5,300 martial arts sites maually reviwed and categorized.

Featured Section - Styles

What are all different Styles of Martial Arts?

Do you know the History of your style?

Who are the Founders of these Martial Arts styles?

Where can I find Schools that teach the styles I want?

Discuss your favorite styles with others

Featured Section - UFC

Do you like UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship?

You can find your favorite UFC Fighters and their fight stats.

And all the UFC Results dating back from the very beginning.

And all the past and present UFC Champions.

Want to know how much Money UFC Fighters make?

Discuss UFC Forums with other enthusiasts.

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Site Updates

7/3/08 - UFC 88 and UFC 89 Announced.

7/1/08 - Started UFC Fighter Heath Herring Page.

6/23/08 - Started Taido Page.

6/22/08 - Over 5,300 Links in Directory

6/16/08 - UFC 87 Announced.

6/12/08 - Added UFC Videos Blog the Network.

6/12/08 - Started UFC Fighter Fabricio Werdum Page.

6/11/08 - Updated Top 10 MMA Fighters Page.

6/10/08 - Started Martial Arts Banner Exchange System

6/8/08 - Started UFC Fighter Thiago Alves Page.

6/7/08 - UFC 85 Results Posted.

6/4/08 - Updated Top 10 MMA Fighters Page.

5/27/08 - UFC 84 Fight Money Posted.

5/24/08 - UFC 84 Results Posted.

5/11/08 - Happy Mother's Day

5/2/08 - Over 5,200 Links in Directory

4/27/08 - Started UFC Fighter Jon Fitch Page.

4/23/08 - Updated Top 10 MMA Fighters Page.

4/19/08 - UFC 83 Results Posted.

4/12/08 - Started Tae Kwon Do Forms Video Page.

4/9/08 - Updated Top 10 MMA Fighters Page.

UFC 87 Preview

UFC 86 Preview

UFC 85 Results

UFC 84 Results

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