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Personal Statistics

Date of Birth: May 25, 1972

City of Birth: Saigon, Vietnam

Hometown: San Jose, California USA

Marital Status: Single Children: 2 sons

Interests: Movies, sports, MMA, BJJ, San Shou, food, competition, teaching/coaching, nutrition, health, fitness

Favorite Quotation: "USH! Unlimited Strength and Honor"

In 1975, three days before the fall of Saigon, Cung Le and his mother Anne escaped Vietnam by helicopter under heavy gun fire. They spent several difficult months in a refuge camp in the Philippines until the time they where reunited with some of their family members. Luckily, they had a sponsor in America and were able to start their new lives in San Jose, California.

Growing up as a skinny Vietnamese refuge, Cung Le was an easy target for bullies to pick on, often used for practical jokes, pushed around and even beat up. Most of these bullies never even knew his name and often referred to Cung Le as a nip, chink, or gook.

Today the name Cung Le is one of the most famous names in the Martial Arts Fight World as "... pound for pound one of the most exciting fighters of all times (Dave Carter, Inside Kung Fu)." Cung Le is not only a three time world champion who is in his prime, he is also a dedicated father and role model to millions. Cung Le has made a tremendous impact on martial arts and continues to expand his arsenal of tools with the addition of Jujitsu training. His popularity as a fighter has brought San Shou Kung Fu to the forefront of the fight world and is catapulting Le into the main stream.

Most recently, Le was featured on a television series called JOURNEY OF A CHAMPION. His beginning, his challenges, his victories, and the road ahead are featured in three unforgettable episodes. He is also the subject of a documentary that chronicles his life "Cung Le, The Making of a Champion", beginning with Le as a child in Vietnam, following him as a wrestler in college and taking the audience ringside for his many hard fought victories. The film also takes you behind the scenes to see the type of grueling training that makes a champion. Le was also the featured guest for The Discovery Channel documentary titled, "On the Inside: Martial Arts."

Le has made appearances on the covers of several of the most renowned martial arts publications in the world, including Black Belt Magazine, Inside Kung Fu, Wushu Kung Fu, Martial Arts Illustrated, ESPN the magazine and the cover of DirecTV. A testament to his high status in Asia, an article on Le was also published in the Japanese version of Black Belt Magazine, the Bible of Martial Arts. Le has also captivated his television audience with outstanding victories on ESPN2 StrikeForce, Pay-Per-View's K-1 Superfights, DRAKA Championships and Shidokan, The Triathlon of Martial Arts.

At the prestigious 2004 Asia Entertainment awards, Le was honored as the most famous Vietnamese Martial Artist in the world. He received this award in Los Angeles amid a first class Oscars-like ceremony. With this honor Le is now in possession of over 35 major awards.

With Sanshou's fast paced style, where unlike boxing, a fighter is penalized for non- engagement or resting, Le is an ominous presence with the ability to knock someone out with both his hands and feet. Not only a fighting champion himself, Cung Le has made many of his students champions. His UsH team of fighters have brought home many gold medals, state titles, national titles, and world titles in both San Shou and Muay Thai. In 2003, one of his UsH fighters brought the first ever gold medal from the San Shou World Championships. Le continues to train his fighters for the World Championships held this December in Vietnam, where Le has been asked to be the head coach for the entire USA Sanshou team.

- From Cung Le Official Website

MMA Career

Cung Le made his highly anticipated mixed martial arts debut at SVE: Shamrock vs. Gracie on 10 March 2006, at the HP Pavilion at San Jose, knocking out kickboxing rival Mike Altman at 3:51 of the first round. Three months later he faced KOTC veteran Brian Warren, knocking him out with a flurry of punches at 4:19 of the first round.

At Strikeforce: Triple Threat on December 8, 2006, Le defeated Jason Von Flue in 0:43 when the fight had to be stopped due to a cut.

Cung Le and Javier Mendez (of American Kickboxing Academy) are presenting Born To Fight VII, an annual amateur tournament and super fight event. The tournaments are for men, women, and children. Born to Fight VII will take place on August 18th, 2007 in the San Jose Civic Auditoruim.

Cung Le defeated a long time MMA veteran Frank Shamrock on March 29, 2008, in a highly anticipated fight co-promoted by Strikeforce and EliteXC at the HP Pavilion in San Jose. Le won via TKO when Frank Shamrocks' right arm was broken after a series of kicks (ulna broken), making him Strikeforce Middleweight

Le currently holds a MMA record of 6-0, with 1 knockout and 5 technical knockouts.

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