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Ultimate Fighting Championship Hall of Fame and WWF superstar.

Blackbelt Magazine's 2000 Fighter of the Year.

Nick Name: The World's Most Dangerous Man

Weight Class: Light Heavy Weight


Height: 6.1

Weight: 205 lbs


MMA Record: 26-11-2

UFC History:

  • UFC I: (11/12/93) Shamrock defeated Pat Smith by submission (Heel hook) but lost to Royce Gracie by submission (Choke)
  • UFC III: (9/9/94) Shamrock defeated Christopher Leineger by tap out after repeating punches. Shamrock defeated Felix Lee Mitchell by submission (Choke)
  • UFC V: (4/7/95) Shamrock fought to a draw against Royce Gracie at 36:06.
  • UFC VI: (7/14/95) Shamrock defeated Dan Severn by submission (Guillotine Choke) at 3:49.

  • UFC VII: (9/8/95) Shamrock fought to a draw with Oleg Taktarov at 33 mins.

  • UFC VIII: (2/16/96) Shamrock defeated Kimo Leopoldo by submission (Knee bar)

  • UFC IX: (5/17/96) Shamrock lost to Dan Severn by Split judge's decision (2-1)

  • Ultimate Ultimate: (12/7/96) Shamrock defeated Brian Johnston by submission (Choke) at 5:49

  • UFC 40: (11/22/02) Shamrock lost to Tito Ortiz (corner stopped the fight) at the end of the Third Round.

  • UFC 48: (6/19/04) Shamrock defeated Kimo Leopoldo by KO at 1:26 in the First Round.

  • The Ultimate Fighter Finale I (4/9/05) Shamrock lost to Rich Franklin by TKO (Strikes) at 2:44 of the First Round.

  • UFC 61: (7/8/06) Shamrock lost to Tito Ortiz by TKO at 1:18 in the First Round.

  • Ultimate Fight Night 7: (10/10/06) Shamrock lost to Tito Ortiz by KO at 2:23 in the First Round.

Adopted Brother of Frank Shamrock

  • Official Website of Ken Shamrock

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