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How to Get Your Website Listed on Links Page

Written by admin on Sunday, April 26th, 2009 in Site Promotion.

So many martial arts webmasters have tried to submit their website to be listed on this site’s Links Page without success. Even though the direction is very simple, you would be amazed at how many people don’t follow or simply ignore them.

One very important rule to remember is, YOU MUST PROVIDE A RECIPROCAL LINK, in order to be considered for being added to our Links page.

Here are some other general rules or tips to increase your changes of being added.

  • Your site needs to be martial arts related sites.
  • Check your website title and description to match what you want to say.
  • Make sure you can get to your links page from the home page.
  • Be Patient. Sometimes, it can take several weeks. If you however decide to take the reciprocal link out and we don’t find it there anymore when we check it, your site will not get listed.

We want our links page to be the most comprehensive martial arts directory on internet. It already is, with more than 5,500 links carefully categorized by human not by a search engine. However, we just don’t have the resources to add all the submissions so we have to limit to the ones that have provided link back to us as higher priority sites.

We hope this can help explain why your site has not been added even though you submitted multiple times. Follow the simple rules.

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How to promote your martial arts website for free

Written by admin on Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008 in Site Promotion.

So you have a brand new martial arts website that you want to start promoting but don’t know where to start. Sure, you can pay money and buy bunch of banners or text links but why not start with something free?

The very first place you want your site to be listed is in this Martial Arts Directory. This is by far the Largest martial arts directory that’s constantly being updated with new sites and gets a plenty of traffic from targeted audience. (You will have to link back to the site to be included)

Another place you want your site to be listed is Martial Arts Listings. You get to choose where you want your site listed and how you want your title and description to be displayed. It’s free to add your site, for now, and it doesn’t require you to link back to the site.

You want more? How about joining a Top 50 Martial Arts Sites and let the world know why your site should be ranked higher than others.

How about some free martial arts traffic? You can join a Martial Arts Banner Exchange program. Your banner will be displayed at other martial arts sites and will get great exposure. You get bonus impression to get you started.

Join a Martial Arts Forum and put your website link on your signature. The more you post, more your links will be visible to other people interested in martial arts.

Not only will those get you free traffic from targeted audience, it will also help you raise your Google Page Rank.

We can talk more about the paid advertising and Page Rank at another time.

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