Date: July 27, 1997
Venue: Boutwell Auditorium
City: Birmingham, Alabama, USA

  • Middleweight Tournament Alternate bout:  Anthony Fryklund vs.  Donnie Chappell
Fryklund wins via submission (choke) at 1:35. After the stoppage, Fyrklund hit Chappell with a late blow and stepped on him while walking away, prompting a severe reprimand by both cageside referees. Fryklund apologized for his behavior.
  • Heavyweight Tournament Alternate bout:  Alex Hunter vs.  Sam Fulton
Hunter wins via TKO (referee stoppage due to strikes) at 2:30.
  • Middleweight Tournament Semifinals:  Joe Moreira vs.  Yuri Vaulin
Moreira wins via unanimous decision at 15:00. Moreira was not allowed to continue in the tournament, due to failing his post-fight medical exam (concussion).
  • Middleweight Tournament Semifinals:  Kevin Jackson vs.  Todd Butler
Jackson wins via submission (strikes) at 1:28.
  • Heavyweight Tournament Semifinals:  Mark Kerr vs.  Moti Horenstein
Kerr wins via TKO (referee stoppage due to strikes) at 2:23.
  • Heavyweight Tournament Semifinals:  Dan Bobish vs.  Brian Johnston
Bobish wins via submission (forearm choke) at 2:11.
  • Middleweight Tournament Finals:  Kevin Jackson vs.  Anthony Fryklund
Jackson wins via submission (rear naked choke) at 0:44. Fryklund replaced Moreira, who was not medically permitted to continue.
  • Heavyweight Tournament Finals:  Mark Kerr vs.  Dan Bobish
Kerr wins via submission (chin to the eye) at 1:38.
  • Heavyweight Championship bout:  Mark Coleman (c) vs.  Maurice Smith
Smith wins a unanimous decision after a 15 minute regulation period and two 3-minute overtimes to win the UFC Heavyweight Title. Coleman won several takedowns during the first half of the fight, but became severely winded and unable to pursue further takedowns, leading Smith to dominate the latter portion of the fight.

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