GRILL ANYTHING - The “Grill Whiz BBQ” Grill Liner is amazing for grilling anything and everything with perfection - ensuring nothing sticks to the grill, falls through it or touches the grill grates. Most importantly, it retains all the natural juices of the food to give you great flavors in your grilled food. You can make steaks, fish, vegetables, veggies, shrimp, or eggs. Yes, even Eggs. The Grill Lines are made of Non-Stick material so that food easily comes off the Grill Liner.


SUPERIOR QUALITY - This Premium Quality BBQ Grill Mat retains food’s natural juices and nutrients without drying it out. Not only this, the grill mat holds the sauces and marinades without letting them drip through the grates. Why would you want to take any chance with a lower grade grill mat when you can get a premium quality product from Gill Whiz, which is Coated with premium PTFE.



Do you hesitate to use public grills because you have no clue as in what has been on the grill before? Not anymore. You can take the Grill Mat to a Lake, Beach, Park or anywhere, put it on any grill and enjoy the grilled food without having to worry about hygiene of the grill. The Mat keeps the grill covered all the time and it is the only thing that comes in contact with your food thus making sure that you enjoy hygienically grilled food. This Grill Liner makes grilling safer as the hot spots of the grill are covered with the mat, keeping you safe from any flare-ups. The “Grill Whiz BBQ” Grill Liner is 100% free of BPA, PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid) and other harmful chemicals. It is FDA approved safe.



Just lay the BBQ Grill Mat on the rack, put the food that you want to cook on top of it, and enjoy grilling. It’s that easy. To wash it off, just turn on the hot water, toss some dish soap on it, rinse and it’s ready to go, to be used over and again. No more scraping the grill with those iron brushes to take off the burnt, stuck-on food left behind. Yes, it’s dishwasher safe.


100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - With our better than money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, you get a full refund. You get a FREE Grilling Recipe eBooks ($29.99 Value). SPECIAL PRICE IS FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY.