Complete Martial has been the go-to resource site for all things related to martial arts since 1999. Originally, the site was built using Microsoft Frontpage and static html pages. Even though the site has gone through minor changes over the years, we are ready to completely overhaul the site in 2011.

We will be upgrading the entire site to WordPress platform, which will allow us to better take advantage of the content management platform and all the special features that wasn’t available with static pages. It will also allow more multimedia contents, as well as better user interactions.

Please be patient as this is still work in progress while the old contents can be converted over to the new platform. In the mean time, all the old pages should be still accessible.

[Mar 2011 Update] We have added back a lot of the contents back on the blog/site. Be sure to use the TAG to find what you are looking for as each posts have been tagged with relevant text and it’s the best way to find what you are looking for. (e.g. if you click on Karate tag, you will find all the articles, books, videos, etc. related to Karate. If you click on Karate Books tag, you will find all the books related to Karate)