INCREDIBLE HEAT RESISTANCE - Keeping yourself safe while handling hot objects in the kitchen was never safer and easier. These Silicone Gloves (come in pair of 2) are designed to withstand temperatures as high as 425F (218C) - thus making it easy to handle hot food - be it BBQ, Grilling, or Serving of hot food.

COMFORTABLE TO USE - Unlike other gloves in the market, these silicone gloves are engineered to ensure that you get 5 finger flexibility even after wearing them, and your hands experience a cool and safe environment even if the external temperature is too high. These Silicone gloves also provide a firm grip over the objects due to the textured surface and a non slip design, thus lowering the chances of slippage.

SUPERIOR QUALITY - Grill Whiz silicone gloves are made up of high-grade silicone that’s FDA approved and BPA free. The inner surface of the gloves ensures minimal sweating and thus maximum comfort to your hands. Not only the material minimizes sweating, it is also anti-bacterial, odor-free and good to touch and feel - thus making it safe and pleasure to use.

EASY TO MAINTAIN - Cleaning these silicone gloves is as easy as using them - just rinse these with a mild detergent. These gloves are even dishwasher safe - so use them without worrying about their cleaning.

THE BEST HEAT RESISTANT SILICONE GLOVES DEAL - These gloves come in a universal size that fits almost every normal hand. Moreover, as a part of the special limited time offer, you also get 3 grilling recipe e-books post your purchase. Not enough? OK, no worries even we have more to offer - 100% Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee to let you buy with confidence. However, we are quite confident that you are going to love these gloves.

Highest Quality
Don’t take any chances with lower grade silicone gloves. You can be assured when you buy from Gill Whiz, you are getting the highest PREMIUM material and a company who stands by their products. Our silicone gloves are thicker than the ones currently sold on Amazon. Thicker gloves mean better protection from the heat and better protection for your precious hands.

Grill Whiz Silicone Gloves are made from 100% food grade silicone, free of BPA. It is FDA approved safe.

How is Grill Whiz Silicone Gloves different from competition?
• The Thickest and Heaviest Silicone Gloves on the market
• BRA-Free
• FDA Approved
• Dishwasher Safe
• Waterproof
• Heat Resistant up to 425F (218C)
• No Slip Grip Design
• 1 Size Fits Most