hwarangdo.net Watch the untold story from martial arts legend and Hwa Rang Do Founder, Dr. Joo Bang Lee on the origins and development of modern Korean martial arts including Hwa Rang Do, Hapkido and Kuk Sool Won. This is the true yet controversial telling of the most important period in modern Korean martial arts history in the mist of the Korean War and great political turmoil. Learn about… The efforts by Dr. Joo Bang Lee and martial arts legend, Ji Han Jae, to form a unified Korean martial art system, as ordered by then Korean President, Jeong Hee Park The backstory of the formation of the Kuk Sool Hwe by Dr. Joo Bang Lee and In Hyuk Suh, which led to the founding of Kuk Sool Won Get an inside look into Dr. Joo Bang Lee’s close relationship with Yong Sul Choi, Ji Han Jae and the true origins of Hapkido and the unfortunate dillution of one of Korea’s modern martial art systems Hear the story of how Dr. Joo Bang Lee accepted a wounded Vietnam veteran (Michael Echanis) as a student and groomed him to become the head instructor for the US Special Forces and bring Hwa Rang Do combatives to the US & International militaries. Discover the inspiring resurgence of Hwa Rang Do as the most comprehensive martial art system in the world under the leadership of Founder Dr. Joo Bang Lee and his eldest son, Grandmaster Taejoon Lee. For more information on Hwa Rang Do visit: www.hwarangdo.net http www.completemartialart.com

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