www.GracieUniversity.com Although GSP and Koscheck didn’t have much of a chance to show off their jiu-jitsu skills, there were some beautiful moments in the other fights on the UFC 124 card. Ryron and Rener dissect the critical points of Miller’s knee bar, Bocek’s Mounted Triangle, and they even give the honorable mention to the “Philmura” from UFC 123. The final goal is to turn casual MMA fans into students of the gentle art, so please help us spread the word by posting this video to any BJJ forums you frequent. Obrigado! See the Gracie Diet table of contents and get the book here: store.gracieacademy.com Rener is wearing the GM Helio Heritage T: store.gracieacademy.com Ryron is wearing the New Dry Fit: store.gracieacademy.com “Friend” and “Follow” the Family: www.Facebook.com www.Twitter.com